I Am The Shadows

by Red Hook

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Christian Hasslbauer
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Christian Hasslbauer What a great, lucky find this album, and this band is. Melodic, soulful, dark metal the likes of which I haven't heard since the best of Cirith Ungol's albums. The sound is still a bit on the side of a demo recording, but the artfulness and the raw power is already indicative of great things to come. I'd like to hear more of your sharp, driven riffs. A Lovecraftian theme would complement this sound nicely. Favorite track: This Broken City.
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'I Am The Shadows' is the debut 5 track demo EP from London based metal band Red Hook.

Incorporating a wide range of styles from thrash and punk to sludge and doom to form a dark but heavy sound, 'I Am The Shadows' was recorded and mixed at our own home studio, resulting in a raw and aggressive sound.

Inspired by the evolution of Bruce Wayne into Batman.

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released May 1, 2015

James Hanman - Guitar/ Vocals
Jack Cliburn - Guitar/ Vocals
Kieran Hansen - Bass
Alex Hicks - Drums

All songs written by Red Hook
Lyrics by James Hanman and Alex Hicks

Mixing by Raymond Avalanche with special thanks to Tim Bird

Artwork by Paul Birchmore



all rights reserved


Red Hook London, UK

Red Hook is a heavy metal band from London that fuse bluesy stoner riffs with modern aggressive thrash.

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Track Name: The Alley
Far from home
Trapped in my mind
No escape
No place to hide

Endless alley I always walk
Cannot warn them
Cannot talk

Try to shout
No one can hear
Together their heartbeats disappear

Into the night the coward ran
As I stare at my bloodstained hands

Try as I might to hold back the tears
Only a child, paralyzed by fear
Legs shaking, I fall to my knees
Lifeless bodies ignoring my pleas

They never wake up
Track Name: This Broken City
The scum and filth gather like rust
There is no justice here
Streets filled with sickening bloodlust
Feeding on violence and fear

Gaze upon the alley where it started
Screams of a child still echo here
Wade through a sea of human rubble
Selling cruelty and spreading fear

Hate. Fear. Lies.
Hate. Fear. Greed.

Injustice clouds my mind
The anger burns inside
Fear coursing through my veins
Adrenaline hits the same

Drawn back to the streets
Disgusted by those I meet
Blinded by rage
This city is our cage

What should have been
Was taken from me
My eyes are open
This city is broken

Back for good
Let it be understood
I will rid this city of fear
The day of redemption is drawing near
Track Name: Another Night
I gaze upon this lost city
Withered and decayed
Self destructing before my eyes
Soon the icy fist of corruption will come hammering down
Straight from the skies

Relinquishing humanity to promises of ascension
Those left freeze into nothing
Cast as a pariah and buried with disdain
With the weight of virtue crushing itself to dust

The midnight skies chill me to the bone
Another night wondering what will wait at home
Nothing to go back to
Nothing to look forward to
Try as I might, this could be my last night

Coldness reaches out
Calling from the darkness
Stalking prey from winding walls built tall
Whispering spells of jealousy and greed
From the precinct a tired man stands tall
Track Name: I Am The Shadows
The pain terrifies me
Shot by those I try to save
Blinded by delusion
They'll put me in my grave

Suddenly it comes
Shrieking in the dark
A face I've seen before
Tormentor from the past

Suddenly it comes
Hunting in the dark
It haunted me in my dreams
Now it perfects my art

I saw them as a child
Why won't they let me be?
A thousand demon wings
Surging around me

I fight the urge to run
As everything goes grey
I know I've found a way
To make them all afraid

I am the shadows
I am the night
I am the darkness
Time to take flight
Track Name: First Flight
Out of nowhere it hit us so fast
Breaking my men down to their last
Chasing us down, we were hunted like dogs
Bullets and blades, it can't be stopped

Down by the docks there's no place to run
No place to hide, no safety in sight
I fell to my knees to accept my fate
Remember the voice, remember the face

It can't be human

Remember my voice
Remember my face
From this moment on
None of you are safe

I saw him, the one they all talk about
Down by the docks, only hours ago
We were alerted to a disturbance
Our weapons drawn as we moved further

Out of the shadows he came into view
Shrouded in darkness and eyes burning bright
They didn't see before it was too late
Remember the voice, remember the face

Remember my voice
Remember my face
From this moment on
None of you are safe